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Black & White Music Video

Feral Child, in collaboration with Gangs of Ballet and Jack Parow, is proud to present the Official Music Video for ’Black & White’, the first single from their EP, Form & Function Part 3.


Concept, Design, Animation


Gangs of Ballet

The video is based on the song’s reference to finding clarity in a confused or damaged relationship. The characters experience a series of surreal sequences - They are trapped in a cycle - Like addiction, things seem good but the reality is damaging or disappointing.

“I’ve always said that people only ever really get hurt in that little space between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. As soon as someone knows where they stand, whether it’s good or bad news, the game changes and they can dive in or have closure. BLACK & WHITE is a bit about finding clarity.” - Brad Klynsmith, lead singer, Gangs Of Ballet.

Process Film

Behind the scenes look at our process.

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