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Feral Child

Our work is infused with a huge appreciation for characters, world-building, and narrative storytelling. At our core, we're a team fueled by passion for cel animation, and intense drive to create exceptionally creative animated films.


We've always been particularly drawn to stories that delve into the depths of characters and immerse viewers in rich, captivating worlds. With our studio's adaptability and specialization in 2D production, we're deeply committed to delivering high-quality animated films that captivate and excite audiences from concept to completion.

We’re a full-scale animation studio that specializes in:

Direction   Cel Animation  2D Animation   Art Direction   Illustration

Selected Clients
& Brands

- LUSH Cosmetics

- Google

- Adidas

- Guinness

- Havas Group

- TBWA Neboko

- Lucky Charms


- Erich & Kallman

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