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FMI The Patrick Chapters

In order to communicate FMI's income-first message, we worked on a series of videos aimed at Financial Advisors that explains how one's income cover should be adapted to suit their evolving life stages.


Art Direction, Character Design, Animation



We produced a large collection of visual assets that established FMI's new animation look & feel. We created character design for Patrick, that spanned 5 different distinctive life stages. We then worked on character design for his wife and children, environments and various editorial illustrations.

In anticipation of the 5-part series, we produced a playful trailer to introduce Patrick and the different life stages that he goes through. 

Once this was released FMI proceeded to publish the 5 walkthrough videos that take financial advisers through their income-first approach to life insurance and how they can best help their clients.

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Character and Environment Design

Early Development

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