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This cinematic trailer was a pleasure to work on from start to finish - we got fully immersed in the Achroma universe; reading the lore, picking the creator's brains, playing the card game, and digging into the game's beautiful artwork.

With an amazing team of artists, we went on an animation adventure involving dragons, trolls, fairies, and hidden relics. 


Direction | Animation

Client / Brand


Production Company

Feral Child

The Chromatic age, a time of magic and colour, has come to an end. The Achroma universe is threatened by a dark substance that is slowly taking hold of the different realms; The Era of Achrom has now descended. Various factions battle for the fate of their world. 


Client: Achroma
Animation Company: Feral Child Studio
Directors: Rogan van den Berg, Nella Addy
Storyboard & Animatic: Nella Addy
Animators: Melanie Gohin , Nella Addy, Gareth Fourie , Francois Schonken , Tiaan Truter , Rogan vd Berg
Layout & Background art: Matt Vince, Nella Addy
Character design: Matt Vince
Character Layout: Nella Addy
Compositing: Nella Addy
Sound Design: Dsorderless aka Cristiano De Petrillo
Music: Emmanuel Jacob

VISUAL Development

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