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We joined forces with our friends at Mayda.Co to craft the top and tail of this larger "SUPERFUN" film for Google. This project was initiated to reflect on the insights of 20+ million ads on YouTube to identify noteworthy trends. Visit to see the full film !


Animation | Production | Development

Client / Brand


Production Company

Feral Child

We produced the intro and outro of this exhilarating two-and-a-half-minute adventure.

Drawing inspiration from Chuck Jones' iconic film, "The Dot and the Line," a captivating visual narrative was lovingly crafted featuring our protagonist KG (short for Knowledge Graph!) and her trusty companion, Skip (Skip this Ad...) 

These characters, portrayed as enthusiastic data scientists, lead viewers through a mesmerizing world of analytics. Serving as friendly guides, they convey the message that even in our post-COVID era, we're ensuring that everything remains thoroughly enjoyable.

VISUAL Development

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