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 We were thrilled to team up with our friends at Lush once again, this time for Halloween, to envision and bring to life an original story and mischievous character for the super popular “Lord of Misrule” product range.


Direction | Animation | Production Design

Client / Brand

LUSH Cosmetics

Production Company

Feral Child

Working together with the Lush team we crafted the idea of this unruly character being an embodiment of misrule that stems from creativity rather than destruction. We created a Halloween story of mischievous rewilding that ties into the Lush ethos of “leaving the world Lusher than we found it".

When Ben, a creatively frustrated scientist, comes into contact with an unstable organic experiment, his repressed creativity bursts out in unfiltered lapses as his subconscious self surfaces like a possession; The Lord of Misrule is unleashed, using his ingredients of mischief to rewild the city.

VISUAL Development


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