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We were approached by Lush Cosmetics to create an animated piece centred around the much-loved Christmas Snow Fairy brand and scent. We follow little Aki after a sweet scent sparks a journey through the snow-laden forests surrounding the town, eventually finding the Snow Fairy’s magical cottage.


Direction | Animation | Production Design

Client / Brand

LUSH Cosmetics

Production Companies

Feral Child

RedStrings Studio

From the initial conversations with Lush we were immediately drawn to their concept of this untraditional Christmas character, The Snow Fairy, being a spirit of nature and an embodiment of kindness, confidence, and bravery. It was a dream project to craft the story of discovering the Snow Fairy, with the broader message of self-discovery and acceptance.

We envisioned everything from the characters to the environments, beginning with concept sketches and paintings, until we found the style.

Early Development