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The Madhouse

Teaming up with agency Jung Von Matt Donau, we had an incredible time directing and producing the animation for this "roger rabbit" inspired spot for the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection


Direction | Animation | Production Design

Client / Brand

Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection

Production Company

Feral Child (Animation)

PPMnext (Live action)

When we were approached with a script from Jung von Matt that involved climate protection, a young girl’s house coming to life as mad cartoon characters and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” as reference, we were all in -  Especially since as animators, we all have a Richard Williams “Animator’s Survival Kit” in our libraries. Through PPM Next we joined forces with director, Ross Cooper, whose expertise in directing live action commercials with practical in-camera effects combined perfectly with our experience directing and designing character-lead animation. We were all aligned from the start knowing that both the character design and the level of interaction between live action and animation would be fundamental to the success of the pitch and the project.

VISUAL Development

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